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Gift Box for men “Gourmet”: 25 €

Gift Box for men “Gourmet”: 25 €

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Gift boxes with small presents for men & women. The ideal box to give your voucher as a gift.

1x "ATTIBASSI" - Espresso (45% Arabica, 55% Robusta) ground 250 g
1x "Peter "s chocolate truffles (contains alcohol) 62g
1x “Schwarze Herren” chocolate dark 100g
1x “Niederegger Männersache” Nougat Espresso Shot 50g
1x “raw bite” fruit and nut bar, peanut, 50 g
1x raw bite fruit and nut bar, coconut, 50 g
1 x “iChoc” chocolate, "White Nougat Crisp", vegan, 80 g

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